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Creamy & Scruff Duo Lip Scrub Set

Creamy & Scruff Duo Lip Scrub Set

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Set of 2 Lip Scrubs ~ Go Lightly or go Intense. 1 gently blended with lip butter & 1 coarse blend with nurturing oils. Made with natural and organic ingredients and available with or without flavors and essential oils to exfoliate, buff, soften and soothe lips.

Great for males and females, because lips don't discriminate and nor does the weather. Lip scrubs are great for maintaining soft healthy lips once or twice a week and a little goes a long way.

Simply apply to your lips with clean finger, cloth, or small applicator in small circular strokes, then brush, rinse or wipe off lips. Tip: Apply a lip friendly moisturizer or balm to protect and seal in moisture afterwards.