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Benefits of Lip Scrub maintenance

Posted by Anita Foster on

Skincare: Benefits of Lip Scrub maintenance

 What: Lip scrubs are great for maintaining soft healthy lips versus rough, peeling lips that are abrasive. Lip scrubs are made primarily with sugar and a moisturizing oil or cream with optional flavorings or essential oils.

 Why: To exfoliate chapped, dry and/or hard skin of the lips, increasing blood circulation in the area, removing dead skin cells, revealing a smooth new layer of skin while revitalizing and softening the lips. Who wants to be scratched by rough mean looking lips? ouch! Make your lips happy. Are they saying, don't you love me?

 Who: Male and Female - dry lips don't discriminate nor does the weather attacking our faces.

 How often: Depending on the effectiveness of the sugar scrub used, 1-2 times per week may be all that is needed for your lip wellness routine. Following up with a lip moisturizer or lip balm can help seal in moisture and provide protection.

 How: Simply apply to your lips with clean fingers, cloth, or small applicator in small circular strokes, then brush, rinse or wipe off lips. Tip: Apply a lip friendly moisturizer or balm to protect and seal in moisture afterwards.

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